Start Ups

FTS Start-up Business Accountants

If you’re thinking to start a new business, you’re likely to think about the following questions:

  • What would be the best business structure for me?

  • Is limited company a better option from tax saving point of view?

  • What are the legal requirements for records?

  • What would be my tax liability?

  • When will I need to pay the tax?

  • Is there a way I can save tax?

  • When will I need to apply for VAT registration?

  • Do I need to register for Paye?

We at FTS find answers to the above questions and explain to you FREE  of charge so that you can start your business with clarity.
This is very important to get these thing right from start. 

Once your business is up and running we help you with the compliance and filing requirements so that you can concentrate on your business.

We also work with you to make sure you have clear objectives. Our experienced team help you to achieve your objectives for your business.

We have fixed fees structure that gives you clarity about what you are going to pay.  The initial consultation is free.

For a high quality startup service, please call us on +442035816420 or send us a message on our online enquiry form if you would like us to help you with your refund claim.