CIS Contractors - Ltd Companies

CIS Contractors having Limited Company

Our specialist accountancy services are designed to maximise your take home pay when you are using a limited company for the business fall under Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).  At Fast Tax Services Ltd - Accountants and tax consultants , we have the right knowledge and experience to help you maximise your expenses claim and reduce tax to minimum possible level.

The benefits of a CIS limited company

Here are the benefits you can get by forming a limited company registered under CIS.

  • The tax is deducted @20% as compare to  30% if you are not registered

  • You can apply for gross certificate and can get total payments without deduction ot tax.

  • Dividend planning opportunities - you can declare dividend as according to your income requirement and can reduce your personal tax liability accordingly.

  • You can maximise your expenses claim by claiming expense like tools, mileage and use of home.

  • The tax relief can be claimed on pension contributions

  • Payroll planning, tax planning and savings.

Why do I need an accountant for a CIS limited company?

Forming limited company for any business comes comes with some accounting and administration burden. You will need a bookkeeping system, sales invoices, payroll, CIS payslips, and monthly CIS returns sometimes. Then you will need to file year end accounts and tax returns as well. All this sounds a huge administrative burden, however the good news is that this can be avoided by appointing a good accountant to help you.

How can FTS help?

By using our services, you will be able to take your mind off the paperwork and focus on your business.

Our team of professional accountants helps you to spare your time for your business and we take care of the the administrative tasks like:

  • Your CIS registration

  • Company Formation

  • Corporation Tax and Employer Registration

  • VAT Registration

  •  Monthly CIS returns

We also help you with maximising expenses claims like mileage, use of home and payroll. We provide you with free advice and support by our dedicated teams members.

Please call us on +442035816420 or send us a message on our online enquiry form if you would like us to take care of your company’s compliance and filing requirements.