Use of registered office address

Our Registered Office Service is the perfect solution for your company. Our service allows organisations from all over the world to have a presence in the UK by registering a company with Companies House and using our Registered Office address services. This will be shown as your company’s address on Companies House website and you can retain your privacy by using our office address as your company’s Registered Office address.

What is Registered Office address

A registered office address is a legal requirement of all companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) registered with Companies House. This is company’s official address for Companies House and Hmrc. This is not a trading address. It must be in the same part of the UK where your company is registered, i.e. England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. You can use your personal address as registered office address, but many people prefer to keep their home details private.

A fully featured Registered Office 

We provide a prestigious, reliable and trustworthy  Registered Office Service within  Our exclusive address allows you to use our address at Companies House as your official Registered Office. You receive your company’s official post then scan and send to you on the same day.

Please call us on +442035816420 or send us a message on our online enquiry form if would like to get more information about the our registered office services.