Whether you are forming a new partnership or have a running partnership already, you need to comply with the record keeping and filing requirements. Fast Tax Services - accountants and tax consultants take care of your accountancy and compliance requirements so that you can spend your time on your business running and growth.

In a partnership, partners are separately and jointly responsible to take of their business. They share profits and losses. They are also responsible for the liabilities of their business. The partners are also responsible to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements.

We have summaries some of the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership.


  • Relatively easy to establish.

  • Minimise tax liability as each partner can use his tax free allowance against partnership profits.

  • Combine knowledge and experience of all of the partners can make the business successful..


  • Each partner is personally liable for the actions of the other partners.

  • Each partner is liable for the actions of the business.

  • Shared responsibility can create disagreements, you can avoid this to some extent by writing a good partnership agreement.

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