Whether you're a new business or have been in business for a long time, Fast Tax Services Ltd - Accountants and Tax consultants can help you with your VAT responsibilities.

If you're a new business, we can do an analysis for you to find out whether you need to apply for VAT registration. Sometimes you can save money by applying for registration voluntarily. We monitor your situation on regular basis and let you know when you have crossed the vatable threshold and then we apply for the registration on your behalf as per the compliance requirement.

At the time of registration and then every quarter we analyse if you can benefit from any of the VAT schemes and advise you accordingly. By using some schemes you can save considerable amount of tax and reduction in the time you spend on bookkeeping and record keeping.

Once you are registered we monitor your situation on regular basis to see whether you can save money by applying for deregistion.

We at Fast Tax Services Ltd can prepare your VAT returns for you. We can use your bookkeeping records or we can take care of your record keeping and the VAT returns. We check your income and expenses carefully to make sure you pay minimum possible VAT or claim maximum possible refund.

We save your time by communicating with HMRC on your behalf. VAT needs more time and concentration as any potential errors can result in paying more tax and sometimes penalties as well. There can be other problems as well like late registration, late filing and late payments, all of these can result in penalties and potential interest charge as well.

If you let FST take care of your VAT compliance and filing requirements, this will give you peace of mind and will make sure that you are not going to waste your money  on extra tax, penalties and interest.

Call us on +442035816420 or send us a message on our online enquiry form if would like us to help you with your VAT compliance requirements.