Business Plans and cashflow projections

At Fast Tax Services Ltd we can assist you with starting your business, planning and cashflow projections.

You may have a good business idea but you will need a good plan with sound financial information as well in order to set up a successful business.

Preparing your business plan

All of the start-up businesses need funds and a simple business plan. This allows you to test if the business idea can be converted into a profitable reality. This also allows a loan provider like a bank, to understand your idea and how the business will look like in future.

Business plans need to be simple, clear and sound. The should include explain the following factors.

  • The planned trading activity
  • The gap between demand and supply
  • How have you planned to meet the demand
  • What the goals your business is aiming to achieve
  • What are your strengths
  • What are the selling points
  • A realistic sales forecast that will show that the idea can be translated into a reality.

Whether you are seeking funds from a bank or you are trying to attract investors, you will need to show them simple and clear financial projections for future.

At FST, we know what information is required and how it can be presented for banks and investors. The projections and forecasts produced by us will give you with a better chance of success.

Please call us on +442035816420 or send us a message on our online enquiry form if you need our help with business plans and we will get back to you straight away. Our accountants can work with you to make to make your business dream come true.